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Why sometimes the LBS positioning is accurate?


Why sometimes the LBS positioning is accurate? 


LBS positioning error is sometimes relatively large, and its positioning accuracy and the relationship between the device itself is not, and the user's environment has a great relationship. This is from the base station positioning principle, the base station positioning is the positioner to the surrounding mobile phone signal tower information to the server, the server based on the signal tower information to calculate the position of the positioner.

When the locator around the signal tower, the positioner from the signal tower near the calculated position will be accurate. This is why the location of the base station in the city than the rural or remote places accurate, because the city signal tower than rural or remote places much more. The city every building on top of the signal tower or signal transponder, some rural areas in a town only a signal tower, if the signal tower is very small error deviation of 2-3 km are possible. The accuracy of the base station is related to the pseudo-base station, which is related to the pseudo-base station. The pseudo-base station is the false base station where the signal and the position are not fixed. If the positioner uses the signal provided by the pseudo base station, the positioning position will be seriously deviated.

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