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Aibeile how to use

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Update time : 2020-03-18 11:49:45

Aibeile how to use

Step 1 Login by ID number: Please check the ID number of this product in the label of external gift box; find out all accessories inside the box.

Step 2 with internet available sim card to power on: 

Step 3 If you see the GPS Tracker is not enable on the Aibeile APP, please manually set up APN, by sending SMS from any phone to the GPS Tracker.


Aibeile APN for GPS Tracker kids elderly GPS watch


SIM card in some countries needs to setup APN before access to GPRS network, please contact your SIM card operator or check the website of the SIM card for the APN information.





Setup APN



Example (manually send following SMS from mobile phone to GPS locator )

After you send SMS, feedback will return SMS to you as following

pw,123456,APN,APN name,user name,password,MCCMNC#

If your APN name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl, _cke_saved_name=wap.tmobil.cl,

user name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, _cke_saved_name=wap, password=wap, MCC=730, MNC=02,

then you can send this SMS to your GPS Locator: pw,123456,apn,wap.tmobil.cl,wap,wap,73002#



Use your mobile phone, send above SMS command to the GPS tracker SIM card. After you send the SMS command, please check if you get a set up success replied SMS from GPS locator.

Command format:

pw,123456,apn,apn name,user name,password,MCCMNC#

Example: BSNL SIM card, the APN name is bsnlnet, user name null, password null, MCC=404, MNC=80

Then send sms command: pw,123456,apn,bsnlnet,,,40480#

(Note: If the user name and password is null, you still need to leave it blank and keep the comma character as above)

APN will set successfully after you get the reply SMS from GPS locator.

Note: Each operator’s APN information is different, please contact the operator for their APN and MCC, MNC information, thanks.