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wifi positioning accuracy

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:11:56

wifi positioning accuracy

15-200 meters in most citys.
WIFI positioning principle:

Does the GPS locator needs to connect to the WIFI?

No,  WIFI password is not required in WIFI positioning , just need to be able to detect WIFI signal. The GPS tracker will not actually connect to the WIFI hotspot.
WIFI positioning accuracy:

WIFI positioning and LBS base station location are both not a very reliable positioning method, there is no clear error accuracy range, usually about 50 meters, but also possible errors outrageous more than that.
WIFI positioning advantages:

WIFI positioning advantage is that WIFI positioning is an in indoor positioning method, while there is no GPS signal indoors.
Another advantage of WIFI positioning comparing with LBS is that the number of WIFI hotspot base stations is a lot more than the number of hot spots, so the more WIFI hotspot in indoor positioning, the more accurate of WIFI base positioning.
WIFI positioning disadvantage:

Since the wireless router is easier to move, such as moving, changing office. So a hot WFI position is not fixed, the stability of WIFI positioning will be relatively poor.
Comparing WIFI positioning and GPS positioning, we can see GPS positioning accuracy is higher,  and reliability is also higher than WIFI positioning.
The reliability of WIFI positioning is not as good as LBS base station positioning.

Check from the APP if the positioning signal type is GPS or LBS or WIFI positioning.
When it is outdoor environment, the GPS tracker will search GPS signal for positioning, if there is no GPS signal, it will turn into LBS positioning (triangulating cellular network). 
When the GPS tracker is in indoor environment, there will be surely no GPS signal, only LBS positioning(triangulating cellular network) or WIFI positioning (without logging in with the credentials).
You can click to disable LBS positioning or disable WIFI positioning by APP if you want.
1.GPS positioning is only available in the outdoor, the accuracy is
around 5-15 meters.
2.LBS positioning is mainly for indoor positioning, the accuracy is
around 100-1000 meters.
3.WIFI positioning is mainly for indoor, the accuracy is around
15-200 meters in most citys.
Please note that No matter it is GPS or LBS or WIFI positioning, you will have to make sure that the GPRS internet connection in the tracker is working.