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GPS market comparison analysis of PaPaGo's future

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Update time : 2020-04-27 09:31:38
GPS market comparison analysis of PaPaGo's future

Since the advent of GPS, it has attracted many users around the world with its high precision, all-weather, global coverage, convenience, flexibility, and high quality and low price. At present, the satellite navigation application industry represented by GPS has become one of the eight internationally recognized wireless industries. With the advancement of technology and the increase of application requirements, GPS has been involved in many powerful functions such as all-weather, high precision, automation, high efficiency, and its unique positioning and navigation, timing and frequency correction, and precision measurement The field of application makes GPS the third new growth point of IT economy in the world after mobile communications and the Internet. It has been widely used in military and civilian fields.

And in China, the application of GPS products is also increasing rapidly at the speed of "thunderbolt." In a very short period of time, the application of GPS in China has rapidly expanded from a small number of scientific research units and military departments to various civil fields. Its wide application has begun to change the way people work and improve work efficiency. Naturally, it will certainly Producers bring huge economic benefits.


Such a huge profit margin will naturally not be easily overlooked by domestic smart merchants. Although the domestic GPS product production technology is lagging behind foreign countries, GPS product manufacturers are still pouring out like a mushroom, and there are many "Build GPS" trend. And some of the old domestic manufacturers of navigation products are also constantly reforming and innovating. With their unique advantages, they have carried out rounds of deadly contests with foreign and domestic newly emerging GPS product manufacturers ...

● The contest between inside and outside:

Currently, among the GPS suppliers on the market, there are both foreign manufacturers and domestic manufacturers. In comparison, the technology of foreign companies is more complete and advanced than that of domestic companies. However, the cost of development and manufacturing is very expensive, so that many customers who want to use it but have insufficient purchasing power are discouraged; the cost of domestic companies is closer to the market in line with China. The current state of the market, therefore, has its specific advantages. Therefore, in terms of price, domestic brands are undoubtedly more suitable for domestic mass consumers, and more affinity than foreign GPS brands.

Take the PaPaGo series of products launched by China Ordnance Materials Corporation as an example, a high-end GPS product with exquisite design, incorporating GPS satellite positioning and navigation, games, entertainment, car MP3 and other functions, the price is around 4000 yuan, and The prices of similar foreign products mostly exceed the equivalent of 5,000 yuan.

And the local conditions of China make foreign products can not adapt in many places, and the products of domestic enterprises have a unique advantage in this regard, the latest technology imported from abroad and domestic local design and production complement each other.

『PapaGo-S320 Main Menu』

Although the domestic GPS market is still in its infancy, there is not much suspense in this battle when domestic brands dominate the GPS market. From a technical point of view, the production and manufacture of GPS become more and more simple, and unlike mobile phones, there is no such thing as the "core technology is in the hands of international manufacturers". Humanized design and the practicality of combining regional characteristics have become An important indicator of constant GPS products, and in these respects, domestic manufacturers have obvious advantages compared with other major international brands.

● Comparison between old and new:

Currently, 60% of domestic GPS manufacturers have just entered in 2006. Digital manufacturers, home appliance giants, and computer manufacturers have joined in one after another to promote the progress of the domestic GPS market. Although domestic producers have lower prices and adapt to local characteristics than foreign producers, the pattern of competition between the old and new is also intensifying.

However, the scale of new producers is generally relatively small, and the qualifications are not old enough, it is difficult to have a company with a monopoly position. Compared with big-name enterprises such as China Ordnance Materials Corporation, it is difficult to match either the process or the production line.


The PaPaGo series of GPS products processed and manufactured according to military standards on the production lines of military-industrial enterprises can ensure the reliability and stability of quality; save many unnecessary troubles for users; and lead the industry in the country. The enterprise is the main body of GPS industrialization, and the quality of the enterprise determines the level of industrialization of satellite navigation technology applications in China. A company with a small scale, less capital, weak technical strength, and low-level product duplication is difficult to form a climate in industrial development alone.

In order to quickly seize the market, the new brand expects to attract consumers' attention at a lower price than the old GPS products. However, GPS manufacturers represented by old brands such as PaPaGo are naturally reluctant to reduce their product market share and increase their own products. In addition to quality, a series of adjustments have also been made in terms of price, so that it may be more difficult for new manufacturers to compete. It can be seen from this that it is obvious that domestic old-name manufacturers win in the new round of the competition.

With the surge of car ownership in the Chinese market in recent years and the approaching of the 2008 Olympics, the development of the navigation industry will show a "blowout" trend, and the golden age of China's GPS industry has arrived! China will become the world's largest GPS production and sales country, and while facing a new round of reshuffle, we have reason to believe that: For the fine products of large-scale enterprises such as PaPaGo, we will follow the trend and enjoy the more More rewards!