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Mini GPS Tracker manufacturers China Shenzhen

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Update time : 2020-04-26 13:01:14

Mini GPS Tracker manufacturers in Shenzhen China

To understand the GPS locator industry, we can first have a preliminary understanding of the products of the entire industry through the two platforms of Taobao and Alibaba, and then understand the manufacturers behind the products through the products. Here I will show you the situation of the GPS locator products of the two major platforms. First, Taobao searches for GPS locators and ranks by sales.

    We can see from the sales ranking that the vehicle locator is the leader in sales, and 9 of the first 12 products are all vehicle locators. Besides, 2 of the 3 models are miniature locators, and 1 is the elderly positioning watch. The quantity of strong brands in the car locator is in the lead. The amount of miniature locators and genuine brand of elderly positioning watches is relatively large. The author is very familiar with the manufacturers behind the sales products on Taobao. The Tuqiang brand is a self-owned brand of Concox. It can be seen that Concox has paid more and more attention to direct sales in recent years. Conflict, I don't know if Concox's channel customers are as moist as e-commerce customers. In addition to Tuqiang, there are Panxi and Ou Chuang, both of which belong to Lianhua Yingke, Ou Chuang is Lianhua Yingke's brand, and Panxi is OEM.
There are a large number of vehicle-mounted machines. On the one hand, the market is mature; on the other hand, the product cost is low. The technical process is relatively simple, and it is not difficult to develop and produce vehicle-mounted GPS Trackers. The market competition for in-vehicle devices is also very fierce, with retail prices falling all the way, and it is now around 150. The market for Mini GPS Tracker is not large, and most of the products are from Shenzhen i365-Tech Co., Ltd.

    I365-tech Technology does not have Taobao stores on its own and doesn't sell directly to consumers. It mainly does B2B sellings. Children and the elderly mostly use mini GPS Tracker products. The product has high technical content, and the R & D and production costs are much higher than the vehicle-mounted machine. The retail market prices and profit margins of personnel GPS locators are relatively stable. Judging from Taobao data, the leading supplier of vehicle equipment is Concox, and the main supplier of personnel equipment is I365-tech. There are more market opportunities for personnel GPS locators than mature car locators.


    By observing Taobao retail data and Alibaba's wholesale sales ranking data, we can see that, it is still that there are more car locators than person GPS locators, both in terms of sales volume and number of products supplied. The front of the car locator is Lianhua Yingke and Concox, and the personnel GPS locator is Shenzhen I365-tech Technology.