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gps tracker high accuracy

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:49:05

GPS tracker high accuracy

In the time until today, many companies have some ignorance about GPS locators. Why do you say that? By today's time, many customers do not know much about GPS in the car loan industry.
A11 GPS Locator, factory wholesale
So today I repeat to explain the principle of wireless GPS locators:
1, wireless GPS is based on GPS and LBS positioning.
Then most of the customers who purchased the wireless locator will find a real problem and he will ask us about it.
Why is my accuracy in the indoor test not enough.
I believe that many customers have encountered such a situation, then how should such a situation be solved? If the customer asks this way, it can only explain that the customer does not understand GPS and needs to supplement the knowledge of GPS.
Need to understand the knowledge:
The general GPS locator wireless device is inside the room, basically is the base station positioning, and the mobile base station position is covered by 1 kilometer, that is to say your room may be normal within 500 meters.
No matter which company, this company can't say how much accuracy I can give you in the room. If you dare to guarantee this, 80 percent is water.
Only the interface used by the military can achieve this, and the industry is aware of it.
So how does the accuracy of the test in the room, where A11GPS wireless locator pointing tips.
During the indoor test, the test is performed near the window that is closest to the road. If the GPS signal is good, then the test is basically OK, and the accuracy is also ideal.
Such as the following cases I tested:
This is our test. The previous test was in the room. There was a distance of 200 meters to 300 meters. We put the test on the window near the road and found that it was 60 meters away. This also shows that There are certain factors in the indoor signal.
This is an indoor test GPS.
So what else do we need to know?
The GPS locator is installed in the car. No matter what kind of car GPS locator obeys this rule, it does not mean how good my equipment is. It can be indoors, or on the 15th, 18th and 80th floors. There is a strong signal coverage.
This is not the case.
Car wireless long standby GPS locator is tested in the car, the general signal is in the ground, through the ground to explore the signal, and then uploaded to the satellite, so the higher the floor, the signal does not have good ground signal