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agricultural vehicle GPS tracker

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:47:35

Where is the gap of agricultural vehicle GPS tracker between China and the United States?  

Tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural vehicle companies are required to provide GPS tracking devices for vehicles to accurately locate vehicles that can be safely and safely recovered. The series of tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural vehicle rental accidents that have frequently appeared recently have caused people to There has been a lot of discussion. It seems that the media are trying hard to find a way to make tractors and harvesters safer. The previous method of installing a vehicle recorder was contradicted by the public because it was unable to completely protect the tractor and the harvester from being stolen.
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The difference between China and the United States in agricultural production methods, the United States to implement large-scale, intensive agriculture, while China mainly uses decentralized family management. Domestic experts and scholars often tangled up how to learn the American farm model to increase agricultural output, but in fact large farm operators also have troubles. For example, finding a harvester on an expansive American farm is not an easy task, but looking for a tractor on the field of China's fields is very effortless. The GPS tracker is able to prescribe the right medicine, solve this pain point on the big farm, and contribute to building a smart farm.

No matter how big the farm is, as long as the A11 GPS tracker is installed on agricultural vehicles such as tractors and harvesters, the fleet manager or operator can easily locate the vehicle in real time or periodically through the background. With the A11 GPS tracker, farmers no longer have to worry about finding farm vehicles.
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The precise positioning of the A11 GPS tracker also improves the management efficiency of vehicles and operators. Fleet managers or operators can use the A11 GPS tracker to obtain data such as vehicle operating status and speed. If the vehicle is stationary for a long time during working hours, the management personnel can initially determine that the vehicle is faulty or the operator is in a non-working state, so as to be able to respond in the first time and achieve the purpose of monitoring and protecting the operator. Managers can also set up electronic fences within the farm. Once the vehicles on the farm are stolen, the GPS tracker can promptly send alarms to the background, which will not only shock the car thieves, but also increase the possibility of recovering the vehicles.
In addition, the application of the A11 GPS tracker can also improve the efficiency of agricultural product transportation. When trucks are transporting agricultural products to warehouses or processing plants, back-office personnel can check the location of trucks in real-time, estimate the time of arrival, and arrange the schedule of work for loading and unloading personnel.
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