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GPS tracker antennas

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:42:06

China GPS tracker antennas

I. Classification of GPS antennas
There are many types of GPS antennas.
1. From the polarization mode, the GPS antenna is divided into vertical polarization and circular polarization.
2. The GPS antenna is divided into a built-in antenna type and an external antenna type.
3. It is divided into active and passive in terms of power supply. In general, external GPS is an active antenna.
Today we have to analyze the difference between the built-in GPS antenna and the external antenna. The comparison between the two is better.
Second, the difference between GPS antenna built-in type and external type
As the name suggests, the built-in type of GPS antenna means that the antenna is inside the device, and the device and the antenna are integrated. The external antenna of the GPS antenna means that the positioner has an external GPS signal antenna, and the device and the antenna are separated. The device is composed of a host, a signal line, and a power line. . So, apart from the differences in appearance, what is the difference between the two?
GPS antenna built-in type: Generally speaking, GPS antenna built-in appearance is smaller than the external type, simple and convenient to use, do not have access to power, but it also makes its operating radius is often only 5-10km.
GPS antenna external type: GPS antenna external type of work coverage is wider than the built-in type, the operating radius can reach more than ten kilometers, but it consumes electricity, so it generally requires a built-in power supply.
(wired positioner)
Third, the car GPS locator built-in antenna is good or external type
As we all know, the car GPS locator is mainly used for positioning, so the positioning accuracy of the device is very important, then, is it right? Which type of antenna positioning accuracy is better? Let's look at it together.
GPS antenna built-in type: This type of device is characterized by the appearance of a relatively small, but this will affect the signal reception. The receiving environment of the car GPS locator antenna is more complex, dust, vibration, heavy rain, high temperature and other environments have a great impact on the car GPS, especially the explosion-proof membrane of the metal shell and glass of the vehicle, as well as the car audio, etc. will be built-in GPS antenna The received signal interferes or even hinders. According to experimental statistics, if a metal film is attached to the front windshield of a vehicle, the signal reception intensity of an automobile GPS locator antenna will decrease by 25%-50%. Therefore, this type of locator is generally used in private cars, rental cars, mortgage cars, etc., because of the antenna built-in, installation-free features, do not worry about the antenna was cut, the device is destroyed, and the GPS locator can be conveniently placed in the vehicle Hidden places, thief, and unscrupulous elements are difficult to find. Although positioning accuracy is not externally high and stable, it is sufficient for individual owners.
GPS antenna external type: this type of equipment because the signal line is external, can transmit a higher frequency signal, the emission range is also larger, and close to the outer range of the sky, so the signal and stability will be much better, the accuracy will be better . However, the size and shape of the receiving antennas of such devices are very important for signal reception. They determine the ability of the antenna to acquire weak GPS signals and the stability of satellite signal reception. The external signal of the GPS antenna is stable, and the positioning accuracy makes it widely used in public transport vehicles, freight vehicles, etc. It is of great significance to the dispatching and control of enterprises and traffic management departments.
to sum up
In summary, the external antenna type signal is relatively better, and the built-in antenna type is convenient and simple. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The positioning accuracy of the car GPS locator is not only determined by the antenna's built-in external, the placement of the device, the location of the assembly and the internal workmanship will affect the GPS receiver satellite signal effect. Owners' friends should think in terms of the type of car, the functions needed, and the quality of the equipment, not just the type of antenna.