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where to install gps tracker in car

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:39:34

Where to install gps tracker in car

(A) plug-in power supply
The plug-in power GPS locator must be connected to the car's power supply before it can work 24 hours. It is impossible for lawless elements to use this product to track other people's vehicles. Because it must be connected with the car power supply, the difference between the general plug positioner. Therefore, it is not recommended to use an external power supply.
(B) Installation
1, if you understand electricity, then their own equipment can also be, in fact, as long as the car to find the positive and negative power supply, the cathode is very easy to find, the place where the body is negative, the positive in the fuse box to find, near the car key switch to find or directly To the battery;
2, the best access to constant current, that is, not affected by the car key switch, from the car battery directly from the power cord;
3, note that the GPS locator has a lamp side to the sky, this side of the sky does not close to the metal objects blocking the internal GPS antenna, it also receives satellite signals 20,000 kilometers away;
4, can also ask the relevant technicians to install, depending on the local specific conditions.
(III) Installation location
1. The headlights above the front windshield;
2. Under the front windshield concealed place inside the decorative plate;
3. The hidden area around the front dashboard;
4. Door partitions;
5. Under the rear windshield below the decorative plate;
6. Inside the front bumper, it is necessary to pay attention to waterproof;
7. Under the wiper board, pay attention to waterproof.
8. Under backseats
Note: If the windshield glass is affixed with a metal heat insulation layer or a heating layer, the GPS reception signal will be reduced, resulting in malfunction of the GPS. At this time, pay attention to replacing the installation position of the equipment.
(four) installation points
1. In order to avoid the destruction of thieves, equipment selection should be concealed as much as possible;
2. Avoid putting together with the emission source, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft device, and other vehicle-mounted communication equipment;
3. It can be fixed with a tie, or it can be pasted with a strong double-sided cotton tape;
4. The device has a GSM antenna and a GPS antenna, and should be installed face up (to the sky)