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where to install gps tracking devices for cars

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:36:19
Where to install gps tracking devices for cars
  Many car owners now have installed various anti-theft devices on their cars. They do not know much about the installation position of car GPS locators with good anti-theft effect. The volume of locators on the market is far smaller than that of similar products in the past. Palm size, if only install the basic positioning function, then there are many places you can choose to install, if you need more anti-theft features, the choice of the installation location is very small, basically need to be installed near the main control, then the owners will face One option is to choose a relatively complete anti-theft feature, but it is easy for people who have stolen the car to find it and remove it, or choose to install it in a hidden place in the car. Otherwise, the person who steals the car will know and increase the time to find the locator. Stop or retrieve vehicles for valuable time.
Car GPS Positioner, factory wholesale
  At present, there are two main types of GPS locators on the market, one is the self-contained battery, which does not require external power supply, and the other is the self-carrying spare battery, which mainly depends on the power supply of the vehicle.
  The advantage of the former is that there is no need for wiring, which can be freely placed in any corner of the car, and can be used for the positioning of personal or valuable objects. The disadvantage is that because there is no continuous power supply, the standby time will need to be recharged to continue. Use, and because of the need to charge, it is not convenient to place in the more complex interior of the vehicle, so that each time the disassembly is very time-consuming and laborious.
  The wiring type needs to be connected with the power supply line of the vehicle, so the person who steals the car can look for the GPS positioner along the power supply line and remove it. If other functions are also installed, the installation position of the positioner can be basically determined. Of course Do not worry about the GPS locator can not play a normal anti-theft effect, install the vibration alarm function, if the car thief did not pass the car key to start the vehicle within a certain time after opening the door, the GPS locator will send the message to the owner via SMS Send vibration alarms to achieve real-time anti-theft effect, because it is through SMS and phone calls. Even if the owner is thousands of miles away, he can be the first time to learn that someone is stealing a car and can make relevant measures at the first time. Alarm or remote fuel cut off to prevent car theft.
The owner can choose according to the characteristics of these two types of products
  No wiring can be installed in many places, some products can also be adsorbed on the body through the magnet, which can be installed in the chassis and other unexpected locations, but because of the need for regular charging, so you can consider buying an alternate use, but alternating Need to pay attention to the placement, can not be taken for granted that the car thieves will not be found, try to be placed in a place where the thieves can not easily find, the chassis and other places can be contacted by a thief, so when installed outside the car need to be carefully considered.
  Wiring is generally considered to be installed under the instrument panel or under the driver's seat. If only the positioning function, roof light, side door, tail light, etc., can be considered. If you want to do better, you can consider installing in different locations. 2 or more locators, the thief will often be taken lightly after dismantling one, and it takes time to complete the demolition. Of course, the GPS locator is required to pay regular service fees and traffic charges and install multiple locations. The device will lead to an increase in the amount of renewal, and how to choose it depends on the owner's own measure.