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gps tracking device manufacturers china

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:31:16

gps tracking device manufacturers in china to help elderly people

China has now entered a period of rapid population ageing. At present, there are 169 million elderly people, accounting for 12% of the total population, growing at a rate of 3.28% per year, about five times the growth rate of the total population, and the proportion of old people will be rapid. expand. Experts predict that by 2030, China’s elderly population will be close to 300 million, and the proportion of empty-nest parents may reach 90%, which means that there will be more than 200 million empty-nest parents by then. Children's concern for their parents is not with their parents. Children often worry about the physical condition of their parents, especially for parents who are already ill.That is why so many gps tracking device manufacturers in china, these device can help it.
 The tracking device often offer information about lost parents. Many of these lost parents suffer from dementia, and the dementia we often say is a type of dementia. This part of the parents have degenerative cognitive functions, amnesia, and aphasia. When they are serious, they cannot eat and communicate with others. If they feel that they are in an unfamiliar environment, they may have aggravated their illness. The home of the original memories is where they live, and everyone in the family will Forget everything. Therefore, the author believes that in order to prevent parents from losing their parents, the first thing to do is to spend as much time as possible to accompany their parents, to understand their parents' physical and psychological conditions, and to allow them to carry personal information such as home address and children’s telephone numbers when they go out. Or wear A16 positioning watches, A12 micro positioners and other smart wearable devices.
  At the same time, relevant departments should also actively intervene to establish a long-term preventive mechanism. For example, each community can create a file for parents, give full play to the role of volunteers, provide life care and spiritual comfort for left-behind parents; civil affairs, public security and other departments should strengthen linkages, create a comprehensive information platform for loss reporting and search for lost parents. Get in touch with your family. Or the family can purchase the A12 micro positioner for parents. Once the parent of the A12 micro positioner loses, the police can use the built-in chip to locate the parent's approximate position and narrow down the search area. Enthusiastic citizens can also hold down the A12 micro positioner. A key to help, help the old man to go home as soon as possible.