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Introduction of LBS positioning tech in GPS locator (a)

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Update time : 2020-03-18 17:41:58

Introduction of LBS positioning tech in GPS locator

For now some of the positioning mode in GPS locator, WiFi positioning we have already mentioned. We talk about Positioning at LBS (mobile station position locating) here.
As long as the difference signals calculated theoretically from three base stations, it can determine the location of a GPS locator. Therefore, as long as the GPS locator is in the effective range of the mobile communication network, it can be positioned, the advantages compared to GPS positioning is that LBS will not affected by the weather, such as tall buildings, and many GSM module power consumption is lower than the GPS module, so the standby time is longer.
But by the position coordinates of the base signal GSM station derived from the difference calculation, obviously LBS is not as good as the positioning accuracy of GPS. If it exceeds the scope of services or an insufficient number of GSM base stations, LBS will not be positioned, there is not updating the database, such as mobile operators, at any time the number of base stations and other changes will also affect the positioning accuracy. The base station is a data secret by mobile operator; it is generally not open to the public, so it is better to use GPS at convenience.
LBS positioning as an auxiliary, its use to solve no GPS signal at indoor, so the use of GPS positioning by LBS in Tracker products, will be sometimes not that accurate positioning, that is a normal phenomenon.