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Product quality should be as the most important thing, it do

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Update time : 2020-03-18 17:40:15

 Product quality should be as the most important thing, it do

    Product quality should be as the most important thing, it does not rely on cheap bullying
    In 2015, if you feel that way, it seems that wherever wearable device can see a figure, not Apple's apple watch nor Samsung Gear S, a wind mirror but not self-deprecating, but the familiar song: Dad Dad ~ Where are we going to die .... (omitted here a thousand words), yes it is, "marvelous" children smart watch.

    With several children watches little genius, sugar cat promotion efforts, as well as a good experience for children to watch in a short time has been vigorously sought after watches in the major primary and secondary schools for children seems to have become the children of the standard distribution equipment. Huge market but also shoulder a great responsibility, but there will always be some people that want to drill such a loophole, a wave of fishing, each time a new rise of electronic products will also rapidly gaining "Walled" favored child watches no exception, I worked with a child in Huaqiang North will soon do watch friends talked, I asked: why do you want to start making wearable device? He said shipping children watch so much, a lot of my friends are doing this to make a lot of money, then do not do it too late! ! ! This is not finished playing rhythm rogue ran it?

    In the "Walled" Huaqiang North you can see everywhere likeness little genius, sugar and other enterprises cat children watch, a distance thought they were opened franchise stores, close look will find that the original is toward the Walled I have the honor products . The fast imitation is amazing, quite similar products in addition to these; there will be many kinds of independent research and development of various types of name unknown watch brand children's intelligence. Of course, in addition to the slogan, shape similar things, they also have a walled common characteristic, that is "cheap" is cheap these seemingly high on the child watches a unique personality. Want to pay for good goods cheaper want? These estimates only white will be hooked, I believe electronics online shopping experience in Taobao people, this is also a must a pit planted, the older of Amoy friends more deeply online shopping it completely, that is: no good goods cheaper good goods are not cheap!

    Over time, the child watches have been on the market a certain share, and gradually increase market share, so that people watch on children and the quality of service requirements are also getting higher and higher, however, no technical content and services Huaqiang North little brands will be faced with closures, and they see money as mentioned above, according to fishing, the step-and-run after fishing. Once a small business failures, back-end server is also closed causing children watch will not enjoy location-based services, will also become a child can watch to see the time display, the sale will also be out of the question, there are a lot of friends recently sent Bo said: Huaqiang North, after the purchase of children's watches, appears positioned unavailable, contact the manufacturer less embarrassing environment.

A cheap product is built on the cheap service, quality and provided no information security was able to be produced, cheap there must be cheaper truth, you have it your reasons why San Lu Wu, little genius, sugar cat It has long been highly respected consumer, but also because it has a solid foundation and good service was able trusted by consumers, or the phrase: "cheap no good goods good goods are not cheap," a user it is impossible to stop irresponsible companies to the final.