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The positioning of GPS locator

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Update time : 2020-03-18 16:27:07
Many consumers reflect gps tracker its positioning of GPS locator is not precise. Our company, Shenzhen i365-Tech Co.,Limited, as a professional GPS locator manufacturer and designer attaches great importance to this problem. We has made a lot of efforts to improve the precision of the GPS locator, improve the positioning accuracy of the product from the technical level,and solve the problem of positioning the GPS locator to a large extent. According to the current technical level, GPS positioning error range is 5-20 meters, the WiFi positioning error range is 20-50 meters, the base station positioning error range is 50-1000 meters. We think that the qualified GPS positioning error control is necessary in the above range. Our products can reach the above level, even let the user experience is up to GPS positioning zero error. Of course, we have got the good praise of our customers.