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We have full confidence in the future of GPS locator

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Update time : 2020-03-18 16:18:09
     2016 GPS positioning products industry ushered in unprecedented sales growth, and began a brutal price competition war . Shenzhen i365-Tech Co.,Limited insists on "Do Good Quality Products, Real Service" business philosophy, calms to cope with the changes in the market, and successfully realizes double growth of our company's product quality and sales. Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, we have full confidence in the GPS locator industry.
      We are OEM,we hold all the design patents of products we are selling, you can check it on our government website. We can control the product quality very well,"Quality" is user's core demand for products, is the key to determine whether company can cooperate with dealers on the basis of long-term. In the past one years,the product quality of i365 created a great investment, the production line of IQC staff increased three times to strengthen incoming inspection, assembly process testing, machine testing. After cooperating many different products with many suppliers, we have has a great increase in the running, communication efficiency and material yield . Do good quality product, very less or hardly have product after-sales problem , so that distributors can cooperate with us for a long time; This is our goal. We  know more the quality of the control of the early investment and accumulate experience , and this will make us be full more confident in facing the next year of competition.